Ningbo Haishu Raying Import & Export Manufacture Co., Ltd.

We, Raying is a limited corporation specialized in manufacture import & export on color print affairs. which is divided into ; administration dept, management dept, financial dept, sales dept. It's a pyramid-form management system, a from top to bottom form. 1. Administration dept arranges and carries out the development program for the corporation, which is decided by the board of director. 2. Management dept(accounting dept included)which is specialized in producing all kinds paper products. serves as a executor of managing, personnel, sales .etc. 3. Sales dept, which is control the company's sale Raying import export manufactor insist on which reach progress by quality,reach exist by credibility,customer sovereignty.We have best credibility of over 1000 clients.With all sincerity welcome people of all circle patronize to our company. This website is mainly served for Sales dept, if any product you are interested in, you are welcomed to send E-mail to our chief mailbox, we will reply you as soon as possible.