Ningbo HAISHUN Power Electronic Co., Ltd.

Our factory was founded in 1996 and is the production of intermediate frequency furnace in Ningbo, one of the larger. The company passed ISO9001:2000 certification in June 1998 and its products are widely sold to overseas market as well. The company is specialized in producing all types of open-hearth furnaces, ranging from 0.001 tons to 60 tons, and warm furnaces (whose individual power rate reaching 20000KW and 24 pulse commutation), LF ladle refinery furnace, HOD arc-oxygen refinery furnace, and HX series arc furnaces as well as case resistance furnaces, crucible resistance furnaces, infrared stainless high-temperature ovens. Besides, the company also supplies switches, signal lamps, plastic pieces and bakelite pieces, etc. The company boasts a complete set of advanced production and inspection equipment and a team of technical people. Always adhering to the guide by market demand, the company keeps developing new products with resort to technology advancement. The company maintains the principles of satisfying market demand with top-quality products and superb service and is ready to strengthen the partnership with our customers, old and future for joint development. Located in Ningbo Industrial Division, the company is welcoming your visit, both at home and from abroad, with open arms. (1)IGBT-50KW~3000KW transistor module medium frequency power device series. (2)KGPS-50KW~20000KW silicon controlled medium frequency power device series. (3)GW0.001t~60t medium frequency F coreless induction melting furnace and holding furnace series. (4)medium frequency coreless induction furnace double power supply series/three power supply series. (5)medium frequency diathermy furnace (50 ~ 4000kw, 1000HZ ~ 30KHZ). (6)high/low voltage active power filter and passive power filter series. With a number of competitiveness patent technology, parts of energy-saving products have passed the test of Ningbo Energy Conservation Center and listed as "Ningbo Key Promotion Energy-saving Products", incorporated into the "Ningbo Energy-saving Technolgoy(Product) Catalog", at the same time, our company has passed ISO9001-2000 international quality system certification and assured by China Quality Guarantee Center. Application GWG-J series Coreless Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnace is for melting steel, iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metals or its alloy. It can also be used together with self-heated furnaces and electric arc furnace for heating or keeping warm/holding the molten iron and molten steel. It is particularly suitable for medium size or big enterprises. Structure Feature 1. Solid steel structure and durable; 2. Good magnetic isolation, safe and reliable; 3. Solid frequency conversion power supply, easy operation; Adjustable power rate, easy operation and maintenance; 4. Easy to start up with load or free of load. Electrical Feature: 1. Digital CMOS chip (U. S. ASIC-2-12), with the highest degree of integration at home, is used in control circuit, the overall machine controlled through one single panel; 2. Frequency-sweep zero voltage start, high success rate, no shock; 3. Automatic resistance adjustment, permanent power output, 10-20% energy saved in comparison with domestic traditional machine of the type; 4. Auto phase sequence adaptation, free of synchronization; 5. Good performance in reload staring, auto recovery; 6. Highly integrated in controlling circuit, free of use of high-rate starter and relay loop, fairly low failure rate; 7. Wholly digital design, strong in anti-interference, no temperature shift when in continuous working; 8. Multi-protection functions (for over current, over voltage, insufficient water pressure, power failure, or phase absence), and mishandling will not cause damage to machine.

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