Ningbo General Export Co., Ltd.

Who we are With 5 containers a day, our company ships goods all over the world. From Asia to Europe, from Europe to North and South America, and From America to the Oceania, our products touch the lives of people around the world. Headquarters in Ningbo, China, and with 5 purchasing offices around China, our company is a world famed manufacturer and exporter of general merchandise, fashion accessories, toys and tools. With an annual export value of over 50 million US Dollars, our company is growing continuously and is becoming the strongest supplier and agency in China. What we do Our company manufactures and exports all ranges of houseware, gifts, toys, home appliances, tools, hardware, digital products, fashion accessories, and other life-related general merchandise. We do business with importers, trading companies, retailers, wholesalers and businessmen around the world. With a total staff of more than 100 people, we are acting as an agent to serve our customers with one-stop service. From product design, factory seeking, production planning and quality assurance to customs clearance and delivery, we provide a total package service. We always think from our customer's view, just to assure customers of guaranteed satisfaction with what they buy and to enhance their business competitiveness. Our pricing philosophy Customer No.1 is our basic company principle, and our pricing philosophy is the same. Our purchasing department and 5 purchasing offices are keeping a close eye in the domestic and international markets, and we always try our best to assure that our prices are the most competitive ones in customer's markets. No matter what efforts we have paid for, if we get lower prices, we pass it along to our customer. You can be assured in our company. We share every item at low price every day. Our people Our company has the people who make things happen. We always attract and recruit young, active, responsible and open-minded people. Our people will never be satisfied with what we have achieved, and always have a compelling desire to improve, to win and to provide the most innovative products to boost customer's business. Now as the world is becoming more and more diverse every day, our people realize it's an ability and wisdom to understand diverse customers' needs. We commit ourselves to absorbing the latest information and innovation to understand and to work effectively with worldwide customers and domestic suppliers. How we think We believe that it is our vision and mission to provide innovative products with best service and price as competitive as possible to enhance our client's business. As a result, customers and consumers worldwide will reward us with leadership sale, profit, and value creation, allowing our people and the communities in which we live and work to prosper. To keep those relationships strong, our goals are simply stated: no cheats to customers, no harm to consumers and always providing best products with best price.