nu-beca & maxcellent co.

nu-beca & maxcellent Co., reorganized in May 2003, is an innovation-leading company, dedicated with a provision of total solution to the healthcare market. Besides, Nu-Beca is a tip provider to your life as well in nutrition, nature foods and beauty products. With the joint venture of numerous companies which are professional both in the design and manufacture of different products, Nu-Beca, is recognized as a marketing pioneer in presenting "One Stop For All" solution to market, to build up a long-term cooperation relationship with valuable customers worldwide. Your success, we care! With over 10 years of OEM / ODM experience, we know exactly what you want and how to provide you speedy, flexible and satisfied service. Patented design and differentiation in both technology and cost are our commitments to your business. Furthermore, to shorten your distance to success, we also provide you IPO (Integrated Purchasing Officers) service, to be your gateway to the future. Through our skilled and experienced support, everything seems to be on your fingertips and becomes much easier and simpler by outsourcing new products and technology, negotiating business and price with Asian suppliers, and preventing quality issues away from your business just in time for you.