Mughal Union Engineering Works.

Mughal union engineering works, The nation's leader in Diesel & Gas sales, service, and value. Serving the diesel & Gas power generation needs for over 20 years. We specialize in the assembly New & used 10 kw to 2000 kw caterpillar, cummins, perkins. Sales and maintenance of diesel & gas generator sets & all kinds of Generator sets parts. We can provide a whole range of diesel & gas generator sets & there all electrical & mechanical parts, our products are used in the (specialize CNG stations) , sugar mills, factories, hotel, construction, hospital and manufacturing companies. Over Price are very competitive with best quality. We also supply genuine & replacement parts for caterpillar, cummins, perkins diesel engines, generators & alternator. We can provide the most competitive prices, highly reliable and prompt delivery of related items. Electrical parts New & used: - 1) all kinds of (avr) Stamford, leory somer, marathon, caterpillar, basler electric & many others companies. Speed control unites, efc cards, actuator, governor cards, MPU & many others items of all companies. Woodward, colman, gac, heinzmann, cummins & many others companies products. ( compleet generator sets control panel genuine & local) Engine control systems: Deepsea, comap, modex, & many other companies products. All kinds of panel meter, auto gauges, engine protection module, many kinds of engine control systems. & many other products.