Marechal Electric Sa

MARECHAL ELECTRIC Switch Rated Industrial Plugs & SocketsHelp facilities ensure electrical safety. (from 5A to 700A, 1 to 37 pins, up to 1000V) By focusing since its creation in 1953 in France, its activity on design and manufacture of high reliability industrial electrical connection, MARECHAL ELECTRIC, has become a leader in the field of plugs and socket-outlets for industrial purposes using the butt contact technology. Each device incorporates a switching feature that safely deenergizes the plug before it can be withdrawn. Enclosed arc chambers, dead front construction, and 100 kA short circuit ratings further enhance protection from arc flash injury. Many industrial facilities utilize pin & sleeve or twist type plugs and receptacles to connect welders, pumps and other portable equipment. These devices are potentially dangerous if a worker withdraws the plug under load because most pin & sleeve and twist type devices are not intended to be connected or disconnected under load. Doing so may expose users to live contacts and arc flash hazards that can result in serious injuries. MARECHAL ELECTRIC Decontactor Series plugs & receptacles are a combination plug, receptacle and disconnect switch in the same device. The device's integral switching function ensures that the contacts are safely de-energized before the plug can be withdrawnThe durability of MARECHAL ELECTRIC plugs, receptacles and connectors exceeds that of competitive pin and sleeve devices. Features that contribute to long product life include: - Solid silver-nickel contact tips which offer low contact resistance and high wear resistance. - Spring loaded butt-style contact design consistently performs after thousands of operations. - Automatic watertightness upon insertion of DS and DSN plug into receptacle. - Impact resistant materials are not susceptible to rust. All products resist UV exposure, saline environments and offer exceptional resistance to many common chemical agents. - "Tighten and forget" screw terminals provide resistance to vibrations, shock, and thermal cycling.