Morocco Canned Sardines Sarl

Directly from reliable Morocco. The fishery has invested in the finest machinery and equipment to ensure a state of the art production facility that has satisfied the highest international standards of quality and health. Their policy of total quality management begins with the raw material. Only the finest fresh chilled catch is accepted from the local fleet. The purse seining method is used by the local fleet this ensures minimal damage to the catch. Also the catching areas are very close to port ensuring the shortest time between catching and processing.Export offer of- canned sardines in vegetable oil- canned sardines in olive oil- canned sardines in tomato sauce- canned sardines in piquant sauce- canned sardines in brine- canned boneless and skinless sardines in vegetable oil, in olive oil or in brineWe also prepare:- mackerel fillets in vegetable oil, in olive oil, in brine or tomato sauce- pilchards with vegetable oil or tomato sauce