Mizun Consultants & Engineers

Mizun Consultants & Engineers - Design and manufacture Steam Turbines of Micro range."VAMAN-The Midget" Micro Steam Turbine Generators range from 1 KW to 50 KW. Soon 75 KW and 100 KW units will join the fleet."VAMAN-The Midget" Micro Steam Turbine Generators work on a low steam pressure and temperature. We require 25Kgs per Hour per KW at 10 bar and 190C only. To get a better maintenance free life from steam turbines, we prefer 240-260C steam, but is not mandatory.The "VAMAN-The Midget" Micro Steam Turbine Generators come as complete package, comprising of steam turbine directly coupled to an alternator. The steam exhaust is directed through a "Water Cooled Condenser" and a Condensate Evacuation Pump. "VAMAN-The Midget" Micro Steam Turbine Generators are fully condensate type of steam turbines enabling the end-user to save on treated water by recycling the exhaust to boiler feed..A Panel board duly wired is an easy to control board with all the safety system incorporated.The whole assembly is enclosed in a canopy.The "VAMAN-The Midget" comes as "Plug - and - Play" Generator. All you have to do is connect steam supply to turbine inlet; steam exhaust to boiler feed system; and start using the power generated by the system.We despatch the unit within 12-16 weeks after the receipt of the order and units without alternators can be despatched within 6-8 weeks.For prices and other details, please contact us.