Establishment : Started in Oct. 2009Items : Fingerprint recognition security USB memory Car DVR, Security Camera Software Security server solution IT product accessories R&D : H/W & S/WProduct introduction* FSU ( fingerprint sensor security USB ) Design background- The spread of USB interface environment (Using USB interface in 95% PC )- The spread of convenient USB storage- Increasing the needs of security in IT market- There are no solution about security the existing USB storage- Difficult access method of the existing SU ( Security USB storage )- The evolution of finger print sensor technology- Flexible various applications* Car DVR design background- An automobile spreads to almost every world- Need to distinguish between right and wrong in a car accident- Becoming legal obligation- There is no solution to answer buyer's needs in current car DVR market- Has a good know-how in Car DVR design- Has differential video recording method- Flexible various applications* Accessory for IT design background- Conquer niche market- Provide different item- Online market management