Linan Oubo Electronic Lighting Co., Ltd.

Linan Oubo Electronic Lighting Co., Ltd. provides you with a complete range of energy saving lamps, which will meet all your demands of lights with E14, B22 and E27 type bulbs - no matter whether you have been using normal light bulbs or halogen bulbs. When it comes to "light comfort", our lamps make a nice optical impression in the classic light bulb shape. However, our energy saving lamps display their extra special strength in living up to their standards of their brands. OUBO energy saving lamps live up to 20 times longer and consume up to 80% less energy than conventional light bulbs. When it comes to prices, OUBO energy saving lamps pay for themselves and save you money for a long time. Light allows you to conveniently calculate how much you can save in your own home. Our corporate aim is to save your energy and money at the same time.