Landmax International Co., Ltd.

Landmax International Co., Ltd. is a globally recognized manufacturer and exporter of tyres with the brand of "Landmax" in China. Our mission is to develop, manufacture and deliver comprehensive lines of high-quality tyres. Landmax International Co., Ltd. can meet ultimate customer satisfaction. Our product range is as following: Off-The-Road Tyre Truck & Bus Tyre Passenger Car Tyre Industrial Tire Solid Tire Cussion Press-on Tyre Skid-Steer Tire Agricultural Tire Forest Tire Aircraft Tire Other specialty Tyres, Wheel and Rim In 2010, Landmax keeps focusing on developing new products in tyre and wheel package solutions for industry, earthmover, farm, irrigation, and forestry use. We have succeeded in offering our products to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Maintenance Service Stations, and have established a good relationship based on mutual trusts. By offering reliable products and professional service, Landmax whole team is devoting ourselves to be your best business partner in China!