Lecai Computer Product Trading Department

LECAI( LC for short) COMPUTER PRODUCT CO, .LTD is a professional digital printing technology and equipment research and development, production, sales and service support for high-tech enterprise. Present their products and solutions are mainly used in ads, textiles, CAD / CAM design, home, personal design and other related areas, R & D and technological strength has reached the international advanced level. LECAI was founded in 1998, is the core high-tech enterprise, collaboration.Now has the world's leading advertising printing systems, digital printing systems, CAD / CAM / CIM system architecture derived auxiliary systems, the three individual systems and solutions. LECAI has signed more than 20 countries have established trade, establish international distribution channels, and healthy service system, and foreign trade in Hong Kong one-stop service window. Won international customers trust and praise. LECAI , the digital technology to create value, create social value of technology to the value of feedback and social philosophy, together with all partners to create a harmonious and beautiful future. Our ideas :High quality products and all-round service