Kenz Tools India Pvt. Ltd. A group of KENZ TOOLS LTD. Hongkong, pioneer in high quality low magnetic non sparking safety tools was established in mid seventies. KENZ propagated the complete safety tools concept with its wide range of safety tools & kits started it marketing internationally. The quality of these tools acclaimed as immaculate by the end user. The out world specially USA, France, Australia, Germany, Kuwait, Singapore. The Company is marketing its product range of Hand tools, Garden tools, Agriculture tools, Engineering tools, Cutting tools, Masonry tools & Accessories under the brand name KENZ to the highest possible degree of quality & reliabilityThere are over 500 KENZ SAFETY TOOLS ranging from spanner, wrenches, pliers, hammers, chisel, sockets, and screwdrivers. Heavy duty range of slogging wrenches shovels, pricks, toolkits etc. Every tool is made to work safe more productive mode and operation more profitable. Special size and product can be developed against customer's specific requirement. MarketsOil & Gas offshore and onshore. PetrochemicalsPower PlantExplosive magazines & manufacturesFuel GasolineFertilizersElectronic for non magnetic applicationsPaint ShopRailwaysAircraft & Missiles factoriesDistillers