Kuroyanagi Shouten Ltd Japan

Our export items as under per. We have each 5 homepage for each exported item.Ask us each URL, because we are not supposed to put up here, each URL1-Used 1-10 ton truck--Hino profia, CW type Nissan diesel tipper or dumper, flat deck and dump truck. CBU and CKD by container. We are expert in Laos buond used trucks. CW53, CW54,CW510, UD-CD450 MK211- Nissan diesel 4 ton truckNKR type--Isuzu 4 ton tipper, 4WD 4 ton dumper. We have 2 container laoding port in our yard>2-Used mini excavators, shovel loaders. Used folklift 1..5 ton-2.ton.--2000-3000working hours.3-Used sports cars--skyline BNR32 GTR, lancer evolution--3,4,5,6,7,. RX7-model-FD3S, Toyota Supra--JZA80 turbo-Honda vtec car--EK9,EK4,EG6,EG9, DC2-integra 550pcs. BCNR33, BNR34--GTR--engine RB26DETT. Engine_B18V-B16A. SE86 levin trueno, Mazda 323 GTR. ep71,ep91 glanza V, ep71 turbo-S, Nissan micra super turbo. The rests--HCR32 type M turbo> ECR33,ER34-GTT turbo.4-Ordinary used passenger vehicles export such as, Landcruiser HDJ81V,KZJ95W,UZJ100W, LH78G, HJ61V,BJ46, Corolla van--EE102,EE103V,EE109V,EE107V. Corolla sedan--AE100,AE110, Hiace van wagon--LH116V, LH123V,KZJ100G,LH106W, LH85-double cab truck.Used bus--Nissan Civilian, mitsubishi rosa bus, 29 seaters.5-Used motorcycles--suzuki Hayabusa, Honda CBR900,1000RR,Yamaha FZR, honda steed 500cc, Yamaha V-max 1200cc V-boost.6--coin up used game machine, used paly station.