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A Wireless remote control switch is an electric switch which is controlled by a radio or other signal and does not require an operator to touch the switch is known as a wireless remote control switch. The remote control device, if electrically operated, uses batteries with a low, safe, voltage. Such a switch avoids the risk of electric shock if a user touches a switch with wet hands, and allows switching apparatus from a location without a wired switch.KingLai wireless high-tech Co.,Ltd is a professional radio wave wireless remote switch, wireless socket manufacturer. The remote distance can design from 50m,200m, 500, 1000m, 2000m, 5000m to 10000m. Our special technic can assure the remoter and receiver work normally in a worse environment conditions or lots disturb area. Adopting high speed rolling digital coding and decoding method, the wireless remote switch can prevent sharp electronic pulse disturb and enhance its receiving sensitive. Working frequency is 230MHz, 303MHz, 315MHz and 433MHz, input voltage is DC12v, AC110v or AC220v. Our high power and long distance wireless remote switches are widely use in agriculture water pumping control area, all kinds industry wireless control area, home appliance wireless control area and military field. Our aim is "Bring your life more conveniently and easily". Welcome all over the world friends cooperate with us to come true the more convenient and easy life!

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