Karyer Heat Exchangers

Karyer is one of the leading manufacturers & exporters of Heat Exchangers, Evaporators and Condensers capable of both serial production and custom projects. Karyer kept developing its competitiveness in both domestic and global markets ever since it was established in 1978. Its main customer profile is composed of air-conditioner, refrigerating and special process cooler system manufacturers. Karyer is established in 4 factories in Izmir and 1 factory and the head office in Istanbul with 423 people in 30,000 square meter establishment in total. 30 years of experience enables Karyer to export almost 40 countries in 5 continents by ISO 9001:2000 certified standards, with ARI, EUROVENT, CE, PED(CE0036), GOST-R and Ukr-SEPRO certifications while approximately 65% of its turnover is obtained only from export sales.You can also check our web site for more information.Web: http://www.karyergroup.com