Klean Environmental Technology (Foshan) Co., Ltd.

Founded in Jin Dynasty and given the name in Tang Dynasty, Foshan has a long and rich history. As early as 5000 years ago, the forefathers in Jihua Village (former name of the present urban proper) have already initiated an ancient civilization based on agriculture, fishery and pottery. Instilled with the virtuousness, prowess and sagacity that's nourished by the Pearl River, and inspired by the fine traditions of dedication, diligence, and dexterity that's passed down over generations, forefathers of Kelantechnics brought into existence an innovative enterprise engaged in environmental high-tech that is Kelantechnics Environmental Products Co., Ltd. We Kelantechnics have always devoted ourselves to the researching & manufacturing of electrostatic precipitator (ESP) since our foundation in 1992. Nowadays, our ESP's have been widely applied to purify fume & mist entrained waste gas produced by catering and food processing industries, as well as dyeing & finishing mills, PVC leatheroid factories, heat treatment plants, metal finishing industries, etc. The first generation "hood style" ESP was officially put on the market in 1994. It amazed the entire cooking fume treatment industry with the enormous fume elimination efficiency achieved by the innovative cylindrical "honeycomb" structure electric field which was independently designed & developed on our own. As veritable environmental professionals, we could not simply turn a blind eye to the increasingly worsening industrial waste gas pollution and the outdated air treatment technologies, or possibly shrug off the responsibilities to come up with a better solution to such situation. When our industrial ESP came off in 1999 and shone with smaller size, lower energy-consumption and higher purification efficiency, we become known to customers from various industrial plants that we not only treat waste gas, but also turn waste into wealth. The successful research & application of remote controlling & monitoring system and the environmentally-friendly high-frequency switch mode power supply unit in 2006 marked the birth of the 6th generation Kelantechnics ESP. We became the spotlight again with the trend-setting intelligent and energy-saving technologies. Featuring high-end technologies, complemented with the consummate management system of procurement, production, quality control and after-sales service that has been guaranteeing the integrity of our products, we simply take the lead in the industry. The China Certification for Environmental Products, the CE Certificate of Conformity, which was the very first one to be granted upon an enterprise in the entire industry, and such awards and certifications further epitomize the universal recognition on the uncompromising quality and safety of our ESP's and the industry and ingenuity of Kelantechnics. Nowadays, the restless earth is infested with relentless utilitarians seeking quick success and instant benefits, yet turning a blind eye to the grey sky which was once clear and blue and the murky nigh which was once starry. Nevertheless, Kelantechnics is resolved to step back from this vicious benefit-thirsty circle, reflect calmly, reinvent unassumingly, and make unremitting efforts to bring forth the best products on earth with the best technology.