Kairui Chemical Co., Ltd.

KaiRui Chemical Co., Ltd. is the top manufacturer of resin catalyst in China as well as in Asia and well-known supplier of ion exchange resin. As one of Petroleum and Chemical Engineering Research institute and stated high-tech enterprise recognized, we can supply kinds of resins used in varies of fields. KaiRui is also the provincial level enterprise technology center.KaiRui is specializing in resin catalysts and ion exchange resin.Our technical services are including transferring patent and proprietary technology, designing engineering technology packages. In recent years, KAIRUI achieved 5terms of national keystone new products, 3 terms of small and medium-sized enterprise innovation fund projects, a number of national invention patents. KaiRui has received a number of scientific and technological achievements on engineering researches and all of then have been widely used in petrochemical, chemical and other fields.KAIRUI is with strong core competitive advantages, KAIRUI is composed of provincial enterprise technical center, resin catalyst research institute and an engineering development center. Many teaching practice base and experimental base of domestic universities and research institutes located in KAIRUI.KaiRui focus on human resources development and management, regards the talented person as the most precious wealth of the enterprise. The guiding ideology we persisted is 'the development is the premise, the management is the foundation, the training is the method, the utilization is the goal', initially formed the integrated system of 'select talents, train talents, remain talents, use talents'. Implement the enterprise transformation from abundant human resources to the scarce human capital.KaiRui has established huge domestic and foreign marketing network by advantages of brand, service and integrity. The company products cover more than 30 provinces and cities in home, and export to Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia and the United States act. More than 40 countries and regions. Our company obtained ISO9001, ISO14001 system certifications in the same lines in home first and has implemented the occupation healthy and safety control system OHSAS18001.KAIRUI is specializing in research and producing resin catalyst and ion exchange resin as well as engineering technology development and services. KaiRui is striving to become the largest supplier of resin catalyst and well-known engineering technology research institute in Asia in the coming three years.