Kunming Boyichuang Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Dedicated to the research and production of equipment with image technology, since the establishment, Kunming Boyichuang Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. has been in the forefront in this industry and masterminded a succession of research achievements, such as Thermal Dye Sublimation, heat transfer paper, coldness transfer paper, high-temperature colored porcelain images and colored crystal images. With the principal of "customers are of paramount importance", we have been giving our customers the priority, conscientiously helping our clients grow and leading more and more clients to succeed with our strong technical support and improved service notion. In this century, we entered into further cooperation with Claxton Company, a Canadian company strong in scientific research, and managed to make the ultimate version of modern printing and multifunctional printers. Due to data programming of high exactitude, accurate infrared scanning and multi-dimensional sense positioning, our multifunctional printers featuring clear images are imbued with all high technologies previously introduced. So we rapidly sized the market and became an attention-catching dark horse in image equipment, universally adored by the printing industry. Our multifunctional printers are reputed as "the Sunshine Printer in the 21st century" for being pollution free and highly adaptable. Paying attention to customers, Kunming Boyichuang Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. would like to become your best partner for your investment and business establishment, pursuing our dreams and striding forward for success.