Jinan Qingong International Trade Co., Ltd.

Jinan Qingong International focuses on truck and machinery exporting and service. Our main products are: 1. XCMG cranes:QY16D, QY20B, QY25K , QY25K5 , QY30K5 , QY40K , QY50B , QY50K , QY60K , QY70K,etc. 2. HOWO dump truck, HOWO tractor, HOWO concrete mixer, HOWO parts, water tank, semi-trailers,etc. 3. QINGONG truck cranes, QINGONGwheel loaders and QINGONG forklifts. 4. ZOOMLION truck cranes:QY20H431, QY25E431, QY25V432 , QY25V532 , QY30V532 , QY40V532, QY50D531, QY50V532 ,QY60V532 , QY70V533 ,etc. 5. D'LONG dumpers, D'LONG tractors, D'LONG cargo, D'LONG mixer, D'LONG truck parts,etc. We markets products in more than 50 countries and districts all over the world , including Russia, Iran, Indonesia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Sudan , Angora, Turkey, Brazil, Peru, and Cuba.