Jacobsen Lenticular Tool & Cylinder Engraving Tech Co. (JacoTech)

Jacobsen Lenticular Tool & Cylinder Engraving Technologies Co. (JacoTech.USA) and (JacoTech.China)"Global Scientific Solutions for the Development and Production of Cylindrical Polymer/Plastic Processing including Microstructured Optical Surface Mold Components Used for the Management of Light"JacoTech is in the optical micro-machining business of CNC diamond turning, milling, and fly-cutting unusually (big and heavy) cylinders used to either extrude/ emboss/cast plastic/polymer sheet and roll materials. These engraved cylinder molds contain simple to complex optical patterns, which perform a number of complicated light management control functions.JacoTech offers custom optical CNC diamond machine engravings, providing: copper/chrome and nickel/alloy cylinder platings; extrusion cooling/water chill rollers; controlled optical diamond engraving tools; and (up to 5 axis) CNC diamond turning/milling/flycutting micro-machining and cylinder engraving services for (optical molds and lenticular lens array engraved cylinders).JacoTech can machine big size and heavy cylinder parts up to: 42" OD x 144" Face x 177" Between Centers, weighing up to 7 tons. We ship optical based extruding / embossing / casting polymer-plastic processing mold cylinder products all around the world. JacoTech also provides: optical engineering, lenticular lens design and cylinder engineering; cylinder plating; cylinder repairs, cylinder engraving rework; and precision cnc diamond turning-milling-flycutting / micromachining / and engraving of lenticular engraved cylinder (plastic lens array mold tools) used by the lenticular plastic extruding industry worldwide. JacoTech's 3D lenticular cylinder engraving customers produces and sells high volume lenticular sheet and roll materials to lenticular graphics art sheet fed, web fed and digital printers creating 3D/Animated images, 3D displays, and 3D packaging printed products. Special JacoTech Engraved Cylinder Products: Optical based polymer-plastic processing moulds for: Lens Arrays; Display; Security; Illumination; Diffusers; Reflective; Decorative, and much more.Other speciality optical industries JacoTech serves by supplying cylindrical molds includes: LCD Screens, Plasma Screens, Projection TV Screens, Prismatic, Saw Tooth, Faux, 3-Sided Cubic Corner Pyramid RetroReflectors, Solar Energy Lens Array Panel Molds and other special optical based patterns going into engraved extrusion / casting / embossing plastic processing production mold cylinders. NEW: Ask us about our new 3-sided cubic corner pyramid retroreflective molds that are machined directly into round cylinder/drum/roll/mandrels. These special optical molds are used to manfacture low cost reflective traffic/road sign polymer sheet and roll materials by sign makers.We can also engrave cylinder large molds that will produce low-cost optical quality solar panel energy collector panel lenses, and outer space films.JacoTech are "Proud Participants in the Green Recovery" helping to save our planet. For more information contact: Dr. Gary A. Jacobsen, Chief Engineer, and OwnerChicago Corporate Offices and Manufacturing:Jacobsen Lenticular Tool & Cylinder Engraving Technologies Co. (JacoTech.USA) Itasca, Ilinois 60143 USA (Located near Chicago International O'Hare Airport)International Offices:(JacoTech.China) Sales Offices: Located China and Hong Kong