Jiangsu Jianhai Machinery Co., Ltd.

JIANHAI GROUP is a cross-industry, cross-region ,with modern investment philosophy, diversified investment enterprise. Distributed in Beijing, zhejiang, jiangsu etc, Multilaterally developed in many industries ,including cnc machines ,software ,logistics etc . Developing rapidly In recent years ,JianHai Group total has more individual propritorship and joint venture .JIANGSU JIANHAI MACHINERY CO,LTD (Registered capital 15 million) and JIANGSU JIANHAI INDUSTRY TRADING CO,LTD (Registered capital 10 million) engaged in cnc machinery's skill-intensive, no regional enterprises.And professional agent several high-end technology boring and milling machines and Bridge machining center . ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification. JIANHAI Group in accordance with "Lawfully operate, equality and voluntariness, safe and steady, market-oriented operation" management philosophy.Relying on Group's extensive investment and financing channels, fully integrated resources advantage, professional advantage. Always adhere to the market as the guidance, resource integration, capital operation as the means, combined with many investment ways,make the group develop repidly !