We, J International CityM Korea Co., Ltd. is leading manufacturer and exporter in Korea. Our head office is located in Seoul, South Korea. We are manufacturing originative top quality products only. J International CityM Korea is manufacturing many innovative and high technology products. We are family business corporation group. We have various companies in South Korea. We have machinery division company in Korea. The representative of the machinery division company is our CEO cousin brother. We have over 40 years manufacturing history for Precision Machines and Molds. Our CEO another relative is responsible for manufacturing abrasive flap wheels for more than decades. We also have hair dryer and hair iron manufacturing factory in Korea. We are exporting high quality professional hair dryer and hair iron to world market. One of our main buisness is Korean traditional food products. Retort food, Frozen food are our main items. Including above family business corporations, we also manufacture well being life products, sports leisure products, negative ion products, mosquito repellent products, natural aroma products and other high quality innovative goods.Also, we are the partner company of South Korean big major companies such as Kyung Nam, iL Yang and others. As their partner company, we are exporting their main items to world market. We, J International CityM Korea always support our customers with best products and best service. Once you contact us, you will realize the different level of our service for you inquiry. Once you receive our sample, you will realize the superior quality of our products. Once you have actual business with us, you will understand that we are your best business partner for your success. We are waiting your contact now. Thanks.