Jiangshan Flylong Fire Fighting Equipment Co., Ltd.

Jiangshan Flylong Fire Fighting Equipment Co., Ltd was founded in the year 2009. It is a manufacturing corporation of highly compound fire-fighting equipment which combines R&D, manufacturing and marketing. The corporation is located in Jiang Shan city of Zhejiang Province, which is the largest production base of fire-fighting equipment in the country. The corporation lies on the boundary of Zhejiang,Fukien and Kiangsi, adjoining the National Highway 205 and the world heritage Jianglang Mountain. The surroundings of Flylong are also very delightful. There are developed information industry, convenient transportation and graceful environment. Since the foundation, the corporation has always pursued the mission of "honesty and pragmatic business", and has been in great accordance with the development concept of "customer the first, quality the most". The corporation devotes itself to the R&D, manufacturing and marketing of all kinds of fire-fighting products. Out of top-ranking production facilities and exquisite manufacturing process, our products win much wide markets at home and abroad. Among them, the primary products of the corporation, to be specific, all kinds of turnouts and various specifications of fire-fighting equipments, attachments, all gain common recognition of a large number of customers and are also widely accepted in the field for the R&D and production.While rapidly expanding the products' influence with outstanding quality and perfect service, Jiangshan Flylong Fire Fighting Equipment Co., Ltd makes the most of its own powerful regional superiority to sign contracts, acting as agent and wholesaling famous brand high-quality products of each fire-fighting equipment factories. In this way, our corporation constantly enriches and perfects the marketing system which gradually forms Flylong's unique product marketing characteristic: completion, excellence and exclusive.So far, "appointing people on their merits" and "following no set form" have always been the unchangeable commitment of Jiangshan Flylong Fire Fighting Equipment Co.,Ltd . For this reason, the corporation gathers a great number of outstanding people here from the R&D of the products to manufacturing and marketing. The corporation does not only base its development on the domestic markets but also actively explores the international markets since foreign trade will be the priority among the priorities for the long-term development. Reviewing the present situation, Jiangshan Flylong Fire Fighting Equipment Co., Ltd is now establishing long-term developing partnership with more and more well-known corporations by means of abundant developing strength, top-ranking product quality, reasonable pricing system and perfect service structure. Gazing into the future, each Flylong person will, as always, commit himself to provide the fire-fighting products of the best quality, consider customers, utmost satisfaction as guide, and make unremitting efforts to achieve the goal of numbering among the top-ranking world manufacturing corporations of fire-fighting products. Finally, Customers at home and abroad are welcome to visit and negotiate!