Jianghai Dist. Shuang Shui Photographic Equipment Factory

ShuangShui Photography Equipment Factory specializes in designing photographic equipment. Our strong professional design and development team has more than 10 years of experience in the field of designing unique photographic equipment. We continuously design and develop quality photographic equipment with consistent positive feedback from our clients. We have been recognized and awarded with various certificates like CE certification for our exceptional work. We also have been granted more than 10 product patents and mechanical design patents. We are an official partner of the Canton Fair, a bi-annual exposition for the leaders of mechanical and technological innovation from a variety of fields. As a truly global business, we have customers from all around the world and strive to meet the needs of them all. Our technology has been highly regarded by the Canton Fair which we are now a partner of. We widely cooperate with business affairs members from hundreds countries and have designed many unique and high-quality equipment for them. Our portfolio includes the following products: 10 in 1 Album Making Machine, Multi-Roller Embossing Machine, Polishing and Gilding Machine, Crystal Making Machine, Vacuum Heating Machine, Cutting Machine, Glue Machine, Album Corner Cutting Machine, etc.