Jinan Dega Machine Co., Ltd.

Jinan Dega Machine Co., Ltd. (DECALUMA) is a Chinese company operating with great success, for many years' experience in manufacturing a large range of machinery for the aluminium sector. The high quality products are used for windows and doors (curtain walls), and also for any kinds of industries related to aluminium. DECALUMA is our product's brand. We are located in Jinan, a booming and beautiful capital city of Shandong Province. Our company, during the years, has made many changes, introducing new equipment and technology innovation for the production, and always enlarging company scale. Nowadays DECALUMA employs more excellent and elite people of this industry working in the production division, technical department, and sales and administration offices. After an established leadership in Chinese national territory, DECALUMA progressively enlarge the business in the international markets, such as Asian and American markets. DECALUMA has increased the sales, thanks to the service offered to the customers, customization of products, and the maintenance granted from technical department. DECALUMA was established by several experts and authorities of the industry. Thanks to them that decided to invest in high technology, DECALUMA is one of the leading companies in the market. Quality products, cutting-edge technology, flexibility and practical aspect are on the basis of the DECALUMA's machinery. DECALUMA offers numerous products all characterized by friendly use combined to high technological level. The wide range of products and services keep the customers satisfied and close to DECALUMA. With the principle of "to guide every aspect of production and company management", DECALUMA is a certified company, operating a total quality system that is applied across the world on an everyday basis: Inwards, in the selection of materials and suppliers; In process, by way of stringent control systems and precision workmanship; Outwards, offering short delivery dates and an excellent quality/price ratio. Thanks to the wide range of machines, DECALUMA is able to satisfy any kind of customer, from the big companies to the small window and door manufacturers, offering the possibility to purchase. For small companies: (cutting machines, drilling machines, copy routers, and end-milling machines) For medium companies: (double mitre saws, cutting machines, copy routers, end-milling machines, and crimping machines) For big companies: (CNC machining centers, double mitre saws, cutting machines, copy routers, end-milling machines, crimping machines, and assembling equipment) DECALUMA manufactures cutting-edge machinery that grants long time productivity, reducing the working time, and at the same time offering an excellent quality/price ratio. DECALUMA develops new and fast solutions for the demands of the market.