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ILEKTROLA Energy Saving Solutions offer a unique range, state of the art Energy Saving Products and Solutions, that help Households, Business & Organizations to save by up to 50% on their total electricity costs.ILEKTROLA combines world class energy saving technologies to Reduce Electricity Consumption, Eliminate Power Factor Penalties,Cut Utility Bills, Energy Costs and Carbon Footprint, Reduce Maintenance Costs and Downtimes, Increase Business Productivity and Profitability and Improve Customers Green Image. At ILEKTROLA we believe that Energy Efficiency is the single most important future source of energy.Not only is currently the most effective way to combat rising energy prices and increasing power supply demands but it is probably the most important response to one of the biggest threat humans have ever faced. Climate Change.Any forward thinking individual or corporation take a responsible attitude toward energy consumption and the environment and save a fortune in the business process. Visit ILEKTROLA on ALIBABA and discover the money you waste day after day on your electricity consumption and how your business profitability could benefit from ILEKTROLA Energy Saving Solutions. Ask for a FREE ENERGY SAVING PROJECT, then apply for a GREEN ENERGY SAVING LOAN and get your ILEKTROLA Pay As You Save Energy Saving Solution,a real NO COST & NO CASH ADVANCE Energy Saving Investment.Unfortunatelly, we cannot do anything with the fortune you lost after years of energy wastes in your business process.But we can do a lot helping you to stop energy wastes immediatelly,cutting your electricity costs by up to 50% ! Contact us on ALIBABA now.We'll help you to profit with integrity, saving money, energy and planet !