Io sono Libera!I am Libera!This is the motto of the woman wearing Libera, a young and elegant line designed by two eclectic Italian entrapreineurs for the modern woman who wants to be out of stereotypes of a fashion which often forces the feminine personality into rules as strict as absurd.Instead, a Libera woman wants to be the original main character of her own style, the unique player of her own way of being. For this reason she will choose the accessory which will let her express and communicate others her personality. It is also for this reason that two makes of the same Libera model will always be different, because they highlight the woman who wears them in an unique way.The attention to the details, as well as to the materials and the colours of their handbags or sunglasses models fully expresses the willingness of the two Italian designers to highlight the Woman as the unique and only main character. A Libera woman carries in her Gaia bag all her own universe of passions and emotions, tastes the smell and the tenderness of the fabrics and can feel the warmth of its colours. A Libera woman can arise approval by her Vanessa wallet's details and the style of her Lucilia belt, looks at the world with curiousity through her Minerva sunglasses. She is genuine, loyal, full of vitality, active, thoughtful, sensual and nice!Enter Libera yourself and let it kidnap you by its Magic!