Hangzhou Tai Wei Apparel Co., Ltd.

Company Name: Tai Wei Apparel Co.,Ltd. Enterprise Ownership:sole proprietorship of Taiwan founded in Aug. 1997. Located in urban area of Hangzhou, it covers more than 2300 sqm and total investment of 500,000 US dollars. Staff Structure: 205 regular employees, including 180 first-line operators and 25 managers. Equipments: most of them came from Japanese JUKI. And a work team developed in a decade has ensured superb quality of Dragonfly products. Capacity: output of 200,000 pieces/suits man and woman coats and fashions per Annam. Business Scope: production and development of high-class fashions, slack garments and coats for man and woman, all adopting advanced techniques and templets. Our process has ranked first in fashion field of the world as far as tailorship is concerned. Depending on our technological advantages, we accept various orders from global famous brands. Please feel free to call or visit.