Hi Sharp Electronics Co., Ltd.

Hi Sharp was established in 1987, has been recognized as the leading brand in the CCTV surveillance industry for many years provideing wide variety of high quality and cost effective products. We provide full product lines in CRT, LCD, Camera, Car Rear Camera, DVR and other peripherals that offer wide CCTV application for every field of industr and transportation vehical. With an investment of USD 12, 688, 822, the headquarters of HS Electronics was established at Pa Te City in Taoyuan County. The site area is 72, 000 square feet, housing over two hundred employees. The company is dedicated to research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of high quality CCTV solution. It has already built up its reputation as a firm of international level. The company has successfully produced CCTV-integrated systems and services, which have contributed to its competitive advantage.