HKR Racing Tech Engineering Inc.

Established in 1990, HKR Racing Tech Engineering Inc. is a supplier of high performance car tune-up and racing products and customer-driven services. Our product lines include intake/exhaust systems, filters, brake pedals and related accessories. We are a proven supplier, with a track record that includes providing goods and services to top three auto parts retailers in the US -- Autozone, CSK Auto and Pep Boys. How have we built our reputation among leading buyers? State-of-the-art production At HKR Racing Tech Engineering, you'll find the largest chrome polishing line in the Far East. Our 20,000-square-meter factory is also equipped with 15 production lines, turning out up to 25,000 exhaust tips and mufflers, 25,000 air intake tubes, and 125,000 air filters monthly. Three tooling lines are available for plastic injection and aluminum and zinc alloy die-casting. Quality meeting international standards We manufacture to ISO9001:2000 standards, and we run all our products through inspections three times. The majority of our range meets TUV/GS, CE, UL and ANSI standards. All-around client services At HKR Racing Tech Engineering, our services extend beyond just manufacturing. We offer all our buyers support services that include supply chain management, direct import, flexible shipping, door-to-door freight forwarding and product liability insurance. FTP hosing of your designs Over the past few years, we've been working with our US buyers via File Transfer Protocol (FTP). An FTP server enables us to send large AutoCAD files to you very quickly. Your designs will be kept confidential because your site is password-protected. Fifty molding technicians and AutoCAD designers are on hand to support your projects. Sample turnaround takes 45 days. We are constantly working to stay ahead -- and keep you ahead -- of the game. To learn more about how our abilities can benefit you, contact us today.