Henan Qunxin Industrial Co., Ltd.

We, Henan Qunxin Industrial Co., Ltd. are a professional wire and cable manufacturer with decades of wire and cable production experience. We have built up reputation on a proven track record of quality wire and cable products at a competitive price, backed by our China Wire and Cable Production Base and our determination to exceed our clients' expectations. A. We offer: 1. Cost efficient electrical wires and cables Our efficient and low cost is achieved by our large Aluminum and Copper Procurement Center, advanced machines and equipments, and low labor cost. We have 6 workshops, cover an area of 26,000 square meters in total. We have 10 sets High Speed Drawing Bench, 8 sets High Speed Stranding Machine, 12 sets Laying up Machine, 30 sets Normal Speed Drawing Bench. four 66KV class XLPE Production Lines. Also we have 6 labs including 3 professional internationally recogized labs. Our labs are equiped with sophisticated German-made testing equipment and staffed by 12 senior engineers. 2. Full range of electrical wires and cables Our product portfolio consists of Aluminum Rod, Aluminum Conductors Steel Reinforced (ACSR), All Aluminum Conductors(AAC), Stee wire strand/ Guy Wire/ Stay Wire, PVC Insulation Copper Wire, PVC Insulation Copper Clad Aluminum Wire, Enamelled Copper/Aluminum/CAA cable, Aerial Bundled Cable (ABC), XLPE Insulation Cable, Welding Cable, Control Cable and Rubber cable. 3. Full range of international standards compliance All of our products can be manufactured in accordance with international standards such as IEC, ASTM, BS, DIN/VDE, JIS, NF, CSA, AS/NZS and ect. 4. Quality Assuarance The quality of our products are guaranteed by our FQIS(Full Quality Inspection System)and supported by our QAS (Quality Assurance Systerm), whose core is our internationally recognized lab. 5. Customization Service We can provide the Customization Service supported by our R&D department to design, produce cables and wires according to customers' requirements. 6. Fast and On-time Delivery Fast and On-time Delivery is our important principle and achieved by our Supply Chain Management System, Production Schedule Supervision System and Delivery Arrangement System. Moreover, Our company is located in Central China with convinient local transportation and rapid access to Qingdao Port, Tianjin Port, Shanghai Port and Yantian Port. B. Global market development Our company is committed to the development and maintenance of global market. Over decades of development of international market, we have built up, maintained and improved business relationship with clients from East Aisa, Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East, Africa, South and North America, Caribbean Area and Europe. C. We can be your liable supplier and partner with certification We are ISO9001 certified and we are applying for CE and UL certification. We are also the certified Gold Member of Alibaba.