Hyunjin International Com Corp.

We are an established Korea based manufacturer and exporter of healthcare socks.We are specialized in health-care socks like 100% cotton diabetic socks and massage socks which help blood circulate through the body effectively.These acupuncture-effect socks are made with many micro-points on the sole of the socks for infrared rays and without marks and pressure on the calf.
We produce our socks under the brand Enrico Gelini,and we also manufacture socks on base of OEM from our customer,using the following yarns.
- cotton,nylon,spandex for normal socks
- mercerized cotton,nylon to be used for men's    dress socks for those clients who require top quality and enjoy real comfort
- modal,rayon,nylon & spandex for fancy styles
- wool,nylon for men's & ladies dress socks
- rayon,nylon,spandex for men's dress socks and ladies knee high socks
- chenille,nylon for legwarmers
-tacel,feather yarn
-bamboo/rayon,micro fiber

- Equipped with variety of knitting machines   ranging from 84 needles up to 220 needles in single and double cylinders
- With both hand and rosso linking available

Our factory profile and capacity per month:
*Computerized facilities;
=80 needles-2,000 doz
=144 needles-1,000 doz
=168 needles-3,000 doz
=200 needles-5,000 doz
=220 needles-1,000 doz
=In-pile sports socks : 3,000 doz
=toe socks : 1,000 doz

The company was established in 1995, with experienced staffs whose expertise goes back years ago.
We have well organized and efficiently operated manufacturing facilities.
Our goal is to maintain a high quality and perfection in all our products.
We have a large design collection to order from, and we can also do designs exclusive to customers who wish to have own line production.