Hebei Huayi Ironworks Co., Ltd.

Hebei Huayi Ironworks Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of ornamental wrought iron components in China. Our products are widely used on iron gates, fences, stairs, balconies and many other metal art works. We export products to about 50 countries, like Italy, Poland, Canada and the USA. Through several years of close cooperation with some of the biggest wrought iron companies in the world, Huayi staff learned artful skills from traditional European blacksmith, obtained experience in effective procedures of vigorous quality control, and understood the value of modern management. Now we can supply about 5,000 different items in wrought iron business. And our production flexibility and diversified range also allow us to cater to even the smallest overseas customer.Our products mainly include as following: 1. Cast steel items like leaves, flowers and spears;2. Forged post and pickets;3. Steel balls;4. Scrolls, rosettes, rings;5. Balusters and Flower panels;6. Baskets;7. Gate accessories, like hinges and brackets; 8. Finished products like gates, fences, balconiesAll above components are made of mild steel, which can be welded and galvanized. We will be very glad to produce many other new items with customers' designs or samples. We truly believe that our products will render significant advantages and benefits to the businesses of our customers.