Hubei Guancheng Biodegradation Plastic Product Co., Ltd.

Guancheng(Hubei) Biodegradable Packaging. is primarily a packaging company specializing in plastic and paper bags and packaging materials. We meet the industry standards in quality and enjoy the support from worldwide customers. Our product categories cover packaging containers (custom-made printing, sizes and specifications are available), plastic bags, such as Bopp micro-perforated CPP/HDPE/LDPE/PP/PE/PVC floral wrap zipper bags, paper bags, such as bread bags, carrier bags (traditional brown printing fancy gift bags with handles sand specialty bags with twisted rope handles) and packaging materials, such as BOPP film, POF film, OPS film micro-perforated film, plastic sheeting, aluminum sheeting and foils, as well as BOPP adhesive tapes, kraft packing tapes, masking tapes, stationery tape, and custom-made printed tapes. We have been SGS, BRC and FDA certified. We also have new products, such as GC/FO3/BOPP/CPP degradable film and bags, GC/F04 nonwoven bottle bags, nonwoven shopping bags, nonwoven T-Shirt bags and printed nonwoven bags.