Haian Dahua Hematite Co., Ltd.

Haian Dahua Hematite Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of hematite jewelry and magnetic jewelry in China. Formerly it was Dahua Hematite Jewelry Factory in Jiangsu Province founded in 1981. Now it has become a modern private company devoted to the manufacturing of Magnetic Hematite Jewelry,Hematite Magnetic Beads,Hematite Pendants,Hematite Religious Jewelry, Hematite Jewelry,Hematite Necklace,Magnetic Necklace,Strong Magnetic Bracelet,Powerful Magnetic Bracelet,Magnetic Wraps,Magnetic lariat,Clever Clasp,Buzz Magnet,Rattle snake eggs,magnetic toy,Hematite Ring,Magnetic Hematite Earring,Magnetic Hematite Jewelry Sets,Banner Necklace and other magnetic material jewelry. We have two factories which are located in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province separately. The factory in Jiangsu mainly produces magnetic hematite jewelry accessories and other magnetic materials. So the price is competitive enough; the factory in Zhejiang manufactures and finish-machines some high quality magnetic jewelry. Our technicians and highly experienced jewelry designers can design, produce and manage the art of jewelry drafting from the idea to the finished product, and develop every kind of designs for clients. We have strict and systemic quality check guarantee and a perfect management system, so we can deliver the orders in time according to the contract. For more information about any of our company and products, please feel free to contact us directly. We warmly appreciate your detailed inquiry at home and abroad, and are looking forward to getting improvement with you in the near future.