Hangzhou Deco Hydraulic & Control Technology Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou deco hydraulic Technology Co., LTD. is a Professional custom made hydraulic power unit ,hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic solenoid valve factory.Our company was established in 2005.We have more than 1,000 square meters workshop area, workers to reach 500 people.The company is located in known as heaven the reputation of hangzhou west lake nanan - xiaoshan.Since the company focused on image, based on technology development, strengthen quality management, strengthen brand consciousness, change the after-sales service for the purpose. Company focus two kind products.hydraulic components and hydraulic systems. The hydraulic components include: hydraulic solenoid valve,direction valves, solenoid valve,flow valves, pressure valves, hydraulic cylinder, stacked valves, ratio valves, cartridge valve, pump, hydraulic custom made manifold block, etc, The hydraulic power unit include: moulded color tile hydraulic power unit, mill AGC hydraulic power unit, automatic hydraulic brick machine hydraulic power unit, four-column hydraulic press power unit, dry slag dischargehydraulic power unit,JuChuang hydraulic power unit, metal belt, combination machine tools hydraulic power unit etc, the products are widely used in metallurgy, power, combination machine tools, building materials machinery, construction machinery, rubber machinery, etc. We offer all kinds of custom made hydraulic power pack,hydraulic power unit,hydraulic power station ,hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic solenoid valves.