Hangzhou Datian CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Datian CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, national Torch Program committed enterprise and national innovation fund supported enterprise. Our company team has decades of experience in design, development, manufacturing and exact using of combination machine tools, CNC processing machining centers and CNC machines. We absorb and bring in high-tech at home and abroad with strong ability to conduct innovation and combination. We cooperate with YAMAHA and develop multi-function complex CNC machine tools for pianos project. With Bosch electric power, one of the world's top 500 enterprises to develop multi-function complex machines for flat milling, slotting, rolling letting, which all are international initiative innovative technologies. With Beijing CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd to develop key high-grade ceramic CNC cutting equipment and with Hangzhou Combination Machine Tool Research Institute to develop CNC machine tools with optional functions and activity module features, which are pioneered innovative technology at home. Our company's six main innovation products categories: High-performance vertical/horizontal/gantry machining centers, CNC/TX series combination boring & milling machines, new series of multi-functional machines, multi-axis and multi-cutter series CNC machines, flexible series combination machines and high-grade ceramic NC cutting machines. We supply multi-function complex machine tools to world's top 500 enterprises and international well-known companies. We provide domestic listed companies and other users with high-performance vertical/horizontal/gantry machining centers. We provide the majority of SMEs with TX series CNC combination boring and milling machines. We also introduce international popular and efficient production mode to customers with needs for mass production, such as the combination production line of MC series of machining centers and special-purpose machines, flexible combination of machine tool production line for mass production of multi-species and NC equipment for clients in traditional industries. With our machines, we are able to create infinite fortune for our clients.