Hunan Chinasun Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd.

Hunan Chinasun Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd., based on rich experience and brand-new ideals, is staffed with entrepreneur with acute insight into the market. Mr. Liu Xianghua, the founder of the enterprise, strongly realizes that it is the most important thing to provide pharmaceutical equipment of simple operation and high efficiency for pharmaceutical industry. With the most advanced glass bottles, plastic bottles, soft bag infusion production line as well as high speed ampoule production line, we witness the greatest achievement in respect of pharmaceutical equipment. Combining efficient managing pattern, sophisticated technology with the excellent industrialized production perfectly is the key of our success. "Providing the excellent products and services for consumers" is our constant promise. Chinasun company is located in the economic and development zone of Changsha. Hard-working talents and excellent staff lays the foundations of our enterprise, good infrastructure and production condition forges the extraordinary quality. All of these make customers satisfactory eventually. Because medicine is a special goods, even the negligible mistake in the course of manufacturing will be disastrous to patients. The cooperative relationship of the pharmaceutical machinery factories not only concerns medical producer, but also concerns each patient. The communication and cooperation do not end with the consumer receiving the equipment. They cover the whole using term. We try our best to do every scheme well. We provide cogent guarantee from customers with market research, scheme confirmation, product designing, machinery processing, spares parts assembling, the maintenance of the running period. We try our best to solve the most complicated problem with the simplest method. It is important to consider economic efficiency of each product while designing. We attach great importance to the cooperative relationships with customers, which became embedded in every respect of our management.