Hwalian Arts And Wood Engraving Factory Huangyan

Since 1989, Hwalian Arts and Wood Engraving Factory Huangyan has been in the field of seasonal decoration for more than 17 years. A workshop was set up by Mr.Sun Shunkang, especially to make Christmas accessories from the very beginning. During the past 3 years, we made rapid progress in the scale and capacity to manufacture plenty of seasonal products. We have obtained stable orders from famous international customers such as: Wal-mart, Target, Khol's and Marshalls. A very strong foundation was established for our future. Covering a factory area of 5000 square meters, we have more than 300 employees working together. We immerse ourselves into making perfect decors for home beauty. Among our advantages, the most are hand-painting and miscellaneous art, to show a kind of very attractive country flavor. In the background of keen competition, our company is trying to make efforts to reduce costs, pass along values and offer endless better service.