Guangzhou Shenghao Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Shenghao Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is a trading company whose main products are lamps, and also deals with Energy-saving Lighting, LED lighting and creative home ware. We develop our business actively in domestic and overseas markets based on our principle of "Honesty, Development and All-Win". We innovate abidingly and supply new products and services. We face the market actively and seek for new opportunities and cooperators. We sincerely hope all friends can come to visit us to know more about each other and then work and develop together! Shenghao pursues the lighting experience of the combination of orient art and west art, and presents intellectual and lively products which are generated by perfect technology and design. Each product features humanity, nature, originality, utility, simplicity and aesthetics. We combine aesthetics with life experience in the lighting and offer you more superior life experience. We aim to make you enjoy every touch with lighting and shadow in your world and the move of life comes from design. Shenghao has a creative and superior commercial team to let more and more people enjoy the new life experience coming from perfect combination of art and life. We sincerely wish to work with domestic and overseas enterprises and professional practitioners who have the same business idea, such as decoration designers, interior designers, furnishers, hotel accessory purchasers, distributors, trading companies, etc. Let's establish long-term business cooperation and supply good-quality products and professional lighting solutions to project and home design, and share the graceful, romantic, fashionable and simple lighting world. Shenghao shows new home living ideas with passion and dream. We create a new lighting and shadow world with insistence and belief, embrace new future, light our new world and home by sweat and smile together with our cooperators. Shenghao -- Beautify your home!

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