Since our establishment in 1989, Golden Root Co., Ltd. has experienced each rise and decline of Taiwan's economy, allowing Mr. Chen, our general manager to develop an acute sense of strategic expertise. He has realized that a company can't simply rely on the sale and export of one single product but must diversify itself in accordance with international demands, going from manual tools, hand tools(ex. screwdriver set, wrench socket, screwdriver bit kit, ratchet wrench, hex key wrench, socket wrench set, measuring tape, impact wrench, caulking gun), electric tools, pneumatic tools (air tools), power tools, currently taking steps towards more specialized auto repair tools (automobile repair tool, car repair tools, automotive tools) and industrial endoscope, video borescope, videoscope market. In the early years, Golden Root started by establishing a presence in Taiwan area, simply because of familiarity with domestic product manufacturing process and quality control. This allowed our company later on to quite comfortably enter international markets, beginning with Southeast Asia, then Europe and America, and now the entire world. Golden Root has a headquarters in Taipei, with branches in Taichung and Kaohsing. We have established a subsidiary overseas office in Shanghai. Our company presently staffs about 40 personnel. Products result directly from the experience, and Golden Root possesses the experience necessary to create quality products at low costs. Our ultimate goal is to win each customer's trust through providing perfect service.

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