Guangxi Nanning Hao Cong Zai Food Co., Ltd.

Company introduction Guangxi Nanning Hao Cong Zai Food Co., Ltd. is an professional manufacturer of various dried fruits series(Dried cherry tomato, Dried pineapple, Dried sweet potato, purple Dried sweet potato , Dried strawberry etc), which is engaging in R &D, manufacture and corresponding sell. Our brand new modern facility occupies Total Square up to 5, 000 square meters, and 500 acres production base. The headquarter located in Chinese-Asian Economic Zone in Nanning, Guangxi of China, the important area of The Pan-Beibu Gulf Rim Economic Cooperation. Our city is fertile in Subtropical fruits and vegetables, and it is close to South East Asia, all the factors provide us favorable environment. Our engineers manufacture the products according to the National Food Production Standard strictly. Our best sales are Smart boy Brand dried fruits series (Dried mango, dried pineapple, dried cherry tomato, yellow dried sweet potato, purple dried sweet potato, etc). In the light of market demand, we carry out the latest technology and are committed to quality management, to make sure all the products would meet the import and export food hygienic standard. Because of excellent product quality and strict working attitude, our products are very popular in China and abroad, such as Japan ,Russia ,Israle (We really sell 5 tons dried cherry tomato to Japan, 3 containers dried cherry tomato to Russian and next to Israeli , etc. Our staffs have innovation spirit, always show consideration for customers, and are rust. Sincerely hope to break into the home and abroad markets with our perfect sales service network and cooperate with our clients to make a better future. Our English Website http: // With Enterprise Video and English Audio Chinese website http: // with our dried food product album China is a big country diet, so a lot of dry goods market throughout the country, wherever you look, you would find it around of you. With the emergence of the Internet, there are lots of dry information sites, such as China dried Information Network, Chines dry cargo nets. There are many dry goods merchant in the whole country, dry goods industry is already a very prosperous industry, with the improved quality of life, dry goods industry will further grow and develop. Our dried fruits market currently with more than 20 countries have established cross-border trade relationship, radiate the country 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in the country similar market with high visibility and reputation. In the following days, we will continue to adhere to the scientific, health, strict working attitude. We have planned to apply forefront-processing technology in order to help prosper local economies and businesses. In the future, we will adapt to the market changes through the expansion of our production scale and initiation of new projects. Such as introduction semi-finished products, adjust the taste according to different customers demand, different countries. Our goal is to make our products accepted by the whole world, make the Smart boy brand dried foods popular in the whole world. Overseas Agents recruit , thank you.