Guangzhou Lefis Toys Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Lefis Toys Co., Ltd. is a company that concentrates on growing up with our customers together for one hundred years long, and provides educational, funny, innovative and safe inflatable toys and mascot costumes for customers mainly in Europe, North America, Latin America, Oceania and Asia. When it comes to getting the finest quality toys and getting the best business partner in the inflatables and mascot costumes industry, there is only one name you should remember - Lefis Toys. We have risen to supply products at very affordable prices without compromising quality or safety. We have over one decade of experience in this field, we are confident that you will choose us among the countless toys companies and suppliers. In return, our workers will help you realize your goals and boost your sustainable development. Our company focuses on Research and Development. In order to keep on making competitive products for the markets, our company develops a series of design and test standards which are higher than the international standards. Our company keeps on making our products stay competitive. In order to strengthen our professional knowledge and marketing skills, we enable our sales staff to work independently and also supply a series of services to customers. We try our best to meet the demands of customers and supply the most professional suggestions to customers. Our sales team is trying to provide "zero-time difference" sales services. Meanwhile, our company is dedicated to being the leading brand in the world in inflatable toys and mascot costumes areas. What's the meaning of our LOGO-LEFIS? L-Long: We are concentrate on growing up with our customers for one hundred years long E-Educational: We hope the kids not only can get the fun from our products, also can learn something from them. F-Funny: We also hope the players will be happy when they are playing our products. I-Innovative: We will keep innovative, and provide more and more new designed products for our customers S-Safe: Most important, all of our products should be safe for the players.