Guangzhou Lanwo Import And Export Co., Ltd.

Our company is a leading manufacturer, importer and exporter specializing in building materials and engineering machinery. We also manage such businesses as domestic and overseas trading, Sino-foreign joint venture, cooperative production, transit trade, etc. We have export right for all products and we can undertake manufacturing services from enterprises, distribution firms, suppliers and middlemen. What's more, we help principals to send goods overseas on time. For more information, please kindly contact us. Export broker service items: 1. Export broker commodities, all goods including processing trade, except designated management or the state prohibiting businesses 2. We offer many kinds of business information for you 3. Agency international business negotiation, interpretation, export contracts for customers, offering products at competitive prices and payment items 4. Offering the credit investigation of overseas clients for you 5. Helping you to manage import and export license, origin certifications, etc. 6. Making customs declaration, inspection declaration, chartering and shipment, insurance and international transport 7. Compiling export trading documents, ensuring document consistency and conformity by accuracy 8. Making negotiation, settling the exchange procedures and helping overseas customers visit China Our company now enlarges the trading scope, with customers from all over the world. What's more, our good prestige gets the trust of overseas customers and makes great progress for friendships between various countries. Let's work hand in hand to create a beautiful future together.