Guangzhou Jinlin Weaving Pty Ltd.

POP SHOES was established in 1990 in China at this time employs 1500 staff on four sites in Fujian. We manufacture both footwear and apparel - with footwear take the major part of our business.Our customer base extends to Europe, South America, and Latin America and established in Australia in early 2008. The footwear division is totally integrated - from the last boat plant and the outsole mold factory to all aspects of production - which has the advantage of complete flexibility in range development.Currently, Sporting, Hiking/Outdoor together with Casuals both mens' and womends are the main product categories; but childrens footwear to a lesser extent. However, we also have good business relationships with many factories doing of football and basketball, handball and so on. We have a big collection on models. Styles are available in stock sale and order sale. With a wide range, good quality, reasonable prices and stylish designs, our products are widely recognized and trusted by users. POP SHOES believes comfort is a major issue with current footwear in all of markets, therefore is constantly developing this aspect and always very careful and focus of detail finish during on production. An important aspect to remember is that the factory is the actual wholesaler, and so the advantage being that communication is direct that POP SHOES are accessible at all times.In a word, to work with us is your advisable choice. Our professional service, prompt reply, timely delivery, excellent quality, and the best price are just what would give to you.