Guangzhou Infine Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou InFine Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is specially engaged in the foreign trade business of cosmetic products. Our company is the representative of InFine Cosmetics (Taiwan) Limited, which is moving towards the global cosmetic market. Taiwan InFine Cosmetics Limited is a well-known company that has been involved in the business of cosmetic OEM/ODM/OBM for quite a long history. Taiwan InFine is a large-scale professional company focusing on the design, development, planning, production and ancillary services of cosmetic products. Particularly, Taiwan InFine is the industry leader in the field of home-use masks. Our factory has lovely environment and all the production workshops were set up in full accordance with the conditions required by GMP Standard. Our factory successfully passed IS09001 quality certification during the first audit. The laboratory, raw material room, filling room, packaged material disinfection and storage room and the locker room of our factory adopted the 100000 air purification standard, and other areas adopted the 300000 air purification standard. Currently, our factory has several world-class production lines and advanced equipment for emulsification, automatic filling, testing, sterilization and inspection. Our factory possesses the production conditions and capabilities of all kinds of cream, washing, personal care and cosmetic products. Up to now, our factory has had an annual production capacity of 2000 tons of cream products, 5000 tons of washing products, 10 million pieces of crystal masks and 15 million pieces of non-woven fabric (silk) masks. Meanwhile, our factory is not only capable of producing a variety of cosmetic products, but also capable of conducting all the conventional tests and inspections, which can guarantee the safety of consumers while using our products. Taiwan InFine has always considered the quality management as the most important and critical aspect of the company. Therefore, Taiwan InFine has become the partner of many well-known global brands, and is also the mask manufacturer with the most complete varieties, the largest production scale and the best quality in China. In the future, we are committed to providing a more comprehensive and customized processing and production platform for global customers at all levels. We will establish a high-quality and large-variety product and service system in home-chemical and professional cosmeceutical fields. We wish to strengthen the partnerships and achieve the win-win result with all our customers.