Great Idea Advertising And Media Production Dubai

Great Idea Advertising And Media Productionis a subsidiary of Great Idea Group of Companies. Great Idea Group is a leading advertising, marketing and research and audio video production company having its operation in Dubai as well as in Abu Dhabi Advertising, Online / Off line marketing, Market Entry Services, Promotions, Branding, Trademark / Brand Registration, Product launch, Marketing & Market Research, Consumer Research, Marketing Consultancy, Multimedia Presentations, Corporate Movie, Photography, videography, Graphics, web, e-commerce & software solutions. Branding / Positioning Where is your brand positioned in the marketplace? How is it perceived, both positively and negatively? Can you identify your brand's core equities? Read more. . . Market Research We design integrated strategic research programs that combine deep understanding of consumers' psyches with robust, statistically-reliable measurements and we assign the right team of qualitative and quantitative experts to ensure optimal results. Read more. . . Trade Mark Registration Reduce the cost, time and risk associated with managing the life cycle of your brand through multiple partners by choosing Great Idea Advertising And Media Productionas your single source for all your trademark, marketing and brand monitoring needs. Candor Solutions is the only trusted partner that can help you navigate and balance the challenges associated with Trade Mark Registration and brand protection. Marketing Services If you don't yet have a marketing strategy in place, we help you put together a plan that will enable you to achieve your business goals. If you already have a plan, we can help you implement that plan with an integrated approach that delivers a consistent message to your target market. We focus on delivering you the right solution, on time and within your budget requirements. Logo and Corporate Identity A logo often is the most prominent visual element of a company's, product's, or service's image. The challenge of a properly designed logo is to communicate everything you want to say about your company, product, or service in a simple visual design. Read more Market Entry Services For companies based outside of the United Arab Emirates, penetrating the Middle East Market is an important part of any business expansion and growth strategy. The Middle East market offers excellent business opportunities for foreign companies. Successful UAE presence provides an opportunity to explore the whole Middle East Market. In addition to the UAE market opportunity, Dubai in particular offers companies the opportunities to explore the whole Middle East Market and increase the market share. Commercial success in the Middle East relies on three factors A strong product, a comprehensive market entry strategy and a strong distribution and sales network. Your Gateway to Success in the UAE. With the backing of 35 years of business experience and expertise of Great Idea Group here in UAE market, Great Idea Advertising And Media Production can assist to you to enter the UAE market. Fine-tune your product for the UAE and Middle East market Leverage your competitive advantage Plan your market entry, product launch, sales and customer support strategies Establish and manage sales channels Generate sales, manage relationships, and support marketing Above all, we open the gateway to high sales and mutually profitable partnerships through the following steps. Perform Strategic Business Assessment Assess Companys and its products and services potential in the UAE and Middle East. Develop and implement a customized UAE market entry plan, Develop product strategy for localization, pricing, marketing programs that maximize customer exposure, and sales channel business models that maximize revenue Implement the plan Build channel relationships Leverage longstanding relationships to introduce products into the market Create and foster new channel and key customer relationships