Guangzhou HWAP Construction Materials Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou HWAP Construction Materials Co., Ltd is a professional company engaged in the development, design, production, sales and installations of PVC flooring. We run HWAP commercial and sports flooring series, TMC vinyl tile flooring series, Tian Ming outdoor sports flooring series and accessories. Since the foundation in 2003, by bring in European equipment, using high-quality raw materials and scientific producing process, as well as excellent management of HWAPCO,our products obtain high approval from users and customers at home and abroad. With the enterprise purpose being safe to the environment, energy-efficient, comfortable and healthy, HWAP wants to create an excellent life for you with PVC Floor materials. Our products are sold through-out China, as well as abroad, such as Africa, Middle East, South America, East and South Asia and Eastern Europe. HWAP Flooring makes your future approaching. HWAP staffs are in the hope of creating a healthy, comfortable, energy-efficient and safe world for you.