Guangzhou Huichao Car Accessories Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Huichao Car Accessories Firm, established in 2002, is located in Yongfu Car Accessory Zone, Guangzhou, China. Our firm has 6 years of history. We have 2 factories in Guangzhou. We specialize in manufacturing DOXIN power inverters, car chrome badges/car emblems, wheel cover emblems, side marks, key chains, vehicle-use transformers and some other relative products. We welcome you to visit our firm at any time. Please note our boss's name is Long Saimei and the bank account is Long Saimei's. We don't take responsibility if you pay to other person's account. We hold the attitude of "operating long-term strategy, and finishing current aims" to make our service perfect, guarantee quality, and launch new products in order to become the fore runner of electrics and telecommunication line and meet customers' demands. If you are interested in our products,please contact with us.our work team can provide high-quality service and the fastest work efficiency for you, We will try to extend our online working time, If we are not on line,You can leave message to us,we will reply in 12 hours.